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The Mark Five Company is owned and operated by Rick Sandidge. Rick started his music career in 1973 when he went on the road with The Sammy Hall Singers. He started his first record company in 1976 called Sword Records. In 1980 along with two other partners he started his first recording studio called Sandcastle, then in 1987 Rick and his partners bought Mark Five and combined the two companies. In 1993 Rick bought out his partners and moved Mark Five to Nashville where we now operate. Rick has produced and recorded hundreds of artists as well as commercials and jingles over the years.  Below are just a few of these.

Gospel Artist

Three Bridges, The Bowlings, The Martins, Perfect Heart, The Anchormen, Quinton Mills, Charles Johnson, The Rochesters, Rivers & Owens, Square Parsons, Laverne Tripp,  Richard Smallwood, Donnie McClurkin

Secular Artist

James Brown, The Dixie Dreggs, Steve Morse Band, Steve Morse, Sonny Turner (Platters), Bill Pickney & The Drifters,  Paul Riddle & Toy Cauldwell (Marshal Tucker Band), Aaron Tippin, Anita Ward, Dixieanna,